Our Company was established in Schio, in the province of Vicenza, in the early 90’s as a subcontractor involved in the mechanical engineering industry. Moved by determination, professionalism and love for work, the Company soon transforms and begins to manufacture and market equipment for earth moving machinery, soon becoming a landmark in the field of recycling and road construction.






Machines produced annually


Our strength is the range of products we offer: crusher buckets, screening buckets, mini jaw crushers, cold planers, raboteuses, mixing buckets and sweeping buckets, all equipped with many options and all customizable to meet every need of work.

These are versatile and innovative products that take into account the issues that the operator might face at the site.


A winning element that distinguishes us is our well-integrated and dynamic team, where individual knowledge and experiences are shared in order to strengthen collaboration between the various departments and provide a more attentive and tailor-made product to the customer.


The Design and Development Department is always vigilant in designing competitive, functional and avant-garde, light but robust machines at the same time; the Production Department is attentive to the machining processes and delivery times; the Sales Department is diligent in guiding the customer to choosing the product most suited to its needs; not least, the Technical Department is ready to train the end consumer to exploit the product in all its potential and remains at its service for continuous and lasting assistance over time.


Our choice of opting for total internal product machining has been winning. Thanks to a targeted technological investment, the production process has been improved, thus speeding up production and making the product more qualitative, allowing it to be tested from the beginning to the end.


Full customer satisfaction is our main goal. Investments in state-of-the-art technologies will allow expansion into new markets as well as increasing the production line with new products. We guarantee reliability, practicality and, thanks to our continuous research in equipment improvement, we can ensure a reduction in working time and, therefore, savings in economic terms.