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    A real power of screening

    Extreme screening: here’s how to define the CM’s CDS screening bucket. Never so much power in screening seen in a bucket before. A versatile and multisectoral series as it can be applied in various sectors.

    From recycling to the selection of aggregates in demolition or excavation works, for sieving the soil; also used in the cultivation sector for mixing, reclaiming land, for sieving peat and for covering ducts, and also for crushing timber and twigs as well as for composting and plasterboard.

    Produced in 6 models, this bucket can be applied to excavators from 1 to 30 tons, but it is also suitable for skid steers loaders, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and telescopic handlers. Polyfunctional is the word that suits it. But what makes this screening bucket so special? With a simple change of rotors it transforms from a bucket used for crushing medium-light / medium-heavy materials to a sorting bucket. Branches, foliage, plasterboard, composting, cement, asphalt, brick, coal, glass, dry and wet soil, peat: here are just some of the materials that this incredible bucket is able to crush / sift.

    But let’s go more specifically.

    The wear-resistant steel rotors (2, 3 or 4 rotors depending on the model) are composed of rotors (the choice falls on 4 different types depending on the work that will have to be done). The scrapers, which allow permanent cleaning of the rotors, are standard.

    The motors, valves and hoses are protected in order to avoid breakage in the event of knocks during use. Last but not least, it does not require a drain line, a truly remarkable strength that allows it to be applied to different operating machines.

    There is also a particularly important optional that is the possibility to have the automatic valve for reversal of rotation in case of jam: the sensor positioned inside the valve perceives that the bucket is in block, so it immediately sends the oil upside down in order to make the rotors rotate inversely. Useful especially in machines with only one hammer system.

    CM wants to satisfy its customers always meeting everyone’s needs, for this reason it is possible to choose rollers with a width not in the catalogue and customized colours, as well as for the bracket.

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