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    CM has been the undisputed manufacturer of cold planers for years, produced in nine different customizable models, ideal for removing asphalt from the road surface or concrete in squares in anticipation of a subsequent excavation, they also allow to reuse the scarified material for subsequent filling of the same.

    They are available with widths from 25 to 100 cm and can be mounted on skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and excavators of different weights and flows. CM cold planers are a valid choice, perfect for any customer need.

    CM has always offered many options for each machine, in particular: the hydraulic depth adjustment, an essential accessory, the watering kit with tank and pump 12 V or 24 V, which allows to reduce the dust coming from the scarification of the material, the inclination of the hydraulic drum, the tools for concrete, which guarantee a greater endurance even with the most resistant and compact materials, the milling drum of different lengths and dimensions as well as the attachment to the machine that is customized.

    CM not only stands out for the product but also for the service it offers. The availability for installation on site and for assistance before and after the sale, where action is taken promptly with a highly qualified and multilingual staff, due to the large number of customers from all over the world.

    In particular, one of the most trusted customers on a non-European level is Baitek Machinery, based near Moscow. The Russian company has been collaborating with CM for several years and has an exclusive contract for the sale of cold planers of which it is very satisfied. Baitek advertises CM cold planers even in neighbouring countries with considerable success. 2018 was a record year in terms of orders and 2019 promises to be full of many other sales.

    The market is also expanding to Middle Eastern countries where cold planers requests come in large numbers and where CM is signing new resale contracts. With these new markets, CM is increasingly willing to improve its performance both in terms of quality and quantity, offering more and more services to buyers. Not surprisingly, CM is investing many resources to improve the functionality of all its machines but, principally, it is studying a new, more innovative and faster system for cold planers FS; certainly the news will not be missing in the coming months.

    There are no differences in Italy, where CM cold planers are increasingly used in the various regions. A customer of San Bonifacio, in the province of Verona, specialized in roadworks, after purchasing his FS 100.15, with hydraulic depth adjustment and watering kit with tank, says: „the machine works beautifully, well beyond my expectations“ . Satisfied not only with the machine but also with the optionals purchased: the first allows him to save valuable time and the second minimizes the dust from dismantling the material. The FS 100.15, with a milling width of 100 cm and a depth of 15 cm, is the largest in the series. The same company then decided to buy another CM product, a CBS sweeper bucket, believing again in the products of the Vicenza company.

    Choosing CM products means buying reliable, efficient and safe equipment.