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    Mini jaw crusher invasion

    The electric mini jaw crusher, flagship product of CM company, that is now invading Europe and beyond! Small in size but big in performance; easily transportable thanks to its dimensions and low weight.
    Like all CM products, even the small crusher can be customized according to the customer’s working needs. The hopper and the support can be custom-made; it is possible to apply the conveyor belt both for loading and to transport the outgoing material, as well as, if necessary there is the possibility of having the magnetic separator belt for the reinforcing iron.

    Moreover, obviously, there is the possibility to adjust the jaws and decide the output size (min. 6 mm – max 80 mm).

    CM gives the possibility to try the mini crusher for free at its headquarters in Carrè, or if too far away, you can send the test material which will be promptly crushed and the test videos will be delivered to the customer.

    It is used in various sectors such as the crushing of aggregates from small demolitions, for the recycling of marble, glass; applied in the field of food recycling, to recycle glass in commercial products and again for the crushing of natural stones and special alloys.

    Used by the Finnish client Neorem, leading supplier of permanent magnets NdFeB for renewable energy applications in Europe and specialized in the production of high quality permanent magnets NdFeB, which purchased the mini crusher with the intent to crush the neodymium, the most powerful material known for permanent magnets, namely an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron. Neodymium magnets are distinguished from traditional ferrite magnets for a much higher remanence and coercive force. A hard and resistant stone but the mini jaw crusher does not fear any material!

    „It is not bulky, easy to move and the hourly production is high“ here is what reported by Mr. Burato after the purchase of the CR. He continues “I need to crush different types of aggregates and I was looking for a machine that could be moved and at the same time an inexpensive solution. And this mini jaw crusher is right for me. Compact and the purchase price is really limited ”.

    Purchased by the French customer Sarl Ardoisiere des 7 Pieds, specialized in slate processing, a semi-hard rock, waterproof and resistant to atmospheric agents, a compact stone that thanks to its properties is used in various sectors, from handicraft to industrial, from architecture to building, as in art and design thanks to the ability to adapt and to be aesthetically beautiful. The customer’s purpose was to crush slate boulders in order to obtain flakes to be used for garden decoration. Following a free test at the CM company, he noted the high performance of the small crusher and, with the special application of a smooth jaw, his intent was satisfied and many French gardens will be particularly decorated this year!

    CM’s main goal is the exhaustive customer satisfaction. Thanks to the technical and design department, CM is able to adapt each machine to work needs, to present a targeted project and implement it. Objective that CM reaches on time. The electric mini jaw crusher is always available for customers to test it and see its high efficiency and productivity.