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    The new screening bucket with rotors on glass recycling site

    The new CM’s screening bucket with rotors a great success since early 2018. Its versatility and its flexibility on different sites and works are its strength.
    For screening soil, high performances also on wet ones and for disaggregating clay, inert materials, for recycling plastic, wood, trash and glass.
    Thanks to this last performance the CDS screening bucket has been chosen by an Italian company, which could customize the bucket for its own needs, following step by step the production, choosing the blades, and the granulometry. You can have the customizable screening bucket reinforced version too. This one is suitable for silicon sand and high strength against wearing materials. This has been the Italian company choice.
    When we talk about glass recycling, Italy is at the second place on the European Countries for quantity, just Germany is at the top. Recycling quantity is still increasing.
    Moreover, the data reported that the sector is increasing thanks to the minimized environmental impact: a lot of row material tons have been spared and recycled glass ones reused.
    It is mandatory using new attachments for recycling and for saving the environment for us and for the future generations!
    Thanks to its flexibility on site and for different works, the CDS 18 screening bucket led the way on the glass recycling sector.
    Fitted on a 15 tons wheel loader, the screening bucket with rotors have been used for a first glass screening. The rotors disaggregate the material reducing its dimensions and removing the non-uniform mixture.
    The screening bucket multifunctionality has been allowed the companies to work in different sectors and sites from earth moving to demolitions, to material recycling. Realized in 7 different models suitable for excavators and wheel loaders from 1 to 40 tons, with front blades as standard equipment and the choice of different rotor’s sizes and the space between them.
    CM is always caring to the environment in fact our company projects and sells attachments for recycling, which reduce the costs during production and environment safety.
    And keep in mind that for recycling glass it is required just a third of energy employed for manufacturing it brand new. So pay attention when you take out the trash: separate collection of waste makes the difference!