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    The Vibrating Plate Compactor PV breaks into the market DE

    CM srl presents the new version of the PV vibrating plate compactor, super-equipped. Its presence among the wide range of products offered by the company is certainly not new! The PV has entered the catalog at the beginning of 2018 and was officially presented to the public during the Intermat Fair held in Paris in April 2018.

    After the successful launch, the vibrating plate has been improved, or better, new options have been added such as the pincers kit and the grab Kit, useful to easily collect the poles that will then be beaten and fixed in the ground.

    Born mainly to compact any type of surfaces such as trenches, soils, embankments, slopes, dams, where ordinary machines cannot be used, ensuring a compact, homogeneous, stable and long-lasting bottom, it can compact under difficult conditions and in any position. And thanks to the integration of the various options as a vibrating plate it becomes a pile driver plate, and therefore it becomes essential for any job of fixing poles used in different working environments, such as from the creation of a simple fence to the realization of the foundations of simple structures, for example, reinforcement of stream margins. Two equipment in one solution.

    The PV series is available in six models with power ranging from 10 to 98 KN of compaction force on the ground and can be applied to excavators from 1 to 30 tons. The PV series works with the hydraulic circuit of the machine and thanks to this operating system it has proved to be more effective in compacting uneven surfaces than even present obstacles. It is supplied with connection and hydraulic hoses, ready for installation and use and with wear-resistant inserts that guarantee impact resistance. Among the other optional there is also the hydraulic rotation that allows the positioning of the machine according to the desired angle concerning the work surface, carrying out even more effectively the compaction even in the presence of corners, manholes or other impediments, and the interchangeable bedplate, useful for expanding the action area.

    CM offers its customers a lot of different equipment and as many different models within each category to satisfy the widest requests and adapt the various machinery to operating machines.

    CM’s new challenge is to have as many models as possible ready in stock, to which it is sufficient to adapt the bracket and be shipped, all in a couple of days. We now live in a context where speed becomes primary and guaranteeing the reception of products in the shortest possible time has become a working style of CM. A commitment that is already bearing fruit by first seeing customer satisfaction and the return of the same for the purchase of other products.