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    CM Evolution

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    The changes pre-advised at the end of December by C.M. are now going on.

    C.M. is proud to be an Italian manufacturer. In spite of the actual economic situation regarding the
    investments, C.M. chooses to go on and to invest money and time in Italy, renewing and opening a brand
    new facility in Carrè (always in Vicenza) still having the warehouse in Schio for half- and end products.

    Thanks to buying new, updated generation and completely automated machines, C.M. is evolving on an
    high industrialization, higher precision, higher quantity and quality which have always stands it out.
    The renawal’s choice, also on buying new equipments, has not been randomly, in fact nowadays we live in
    a reality on which the orders have to be delivered very fast maintaining high quality and trust. Using these
    new machines that will be possible and C.M. can grant very short time deliveries. These new automated
    machines will not replace the manpower, instead it has increased hiring high qualified and expert persons
    on the production and testing the product.

    This production decision allows to the technical department to project and to produce new attachments
    and machines, which can satisfy the enquiries increase and different attachments on demand.
    The wide C.M. products range has new horizons and establishes itself into a never stop evolving market.
    The new products could be revealed at the end of the year, at the moment they are still a secret.
    The new C.M. facility is open to everybody who want to see and lively check the new countless innovations.
    Thanks to the test field on the backside of the facility, the new excavator and the skid steer loader, C.M. is
    able to having demos and testing its products whenever a customer requires to.

    This is C.M. revolution evolved during the past years, first as a subcontractor company, now becoming a
    worldwide exporter of its products entirely Made in Italy, with an increasing turnover and great new
    investments in the future.

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