Power leads the way


CM was founded in the 1990s in Schio, Italy. In the beginning, the company was mainly focused as a subcontractor in the metalworking sector. Over the years it evolved and began to develop its first equipment for the recycling and construction sectors, namely the crusher buckets, electric crushers, screening buckets and mixing buckets.

Motivated by determination, professionalism and love for the job, new equipment was developed, expanding the product catalogue with road planers, sweeping buckets and vibrating plate compactors.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT for the most advanced equipment

The research, design and development department is always vigilant in designing machines that are competitive in performance, functional and modern, light but robust at the same time, and easy to maintain, which is not taken for granted.

CM has always placed the utmost attention on the quality of its products, using advanced technology and collaborating with the best component suppliers. Thanks to this focus on quality, the company has earned the trust of its customers.


Our decision to opt for total in-house product processing was a winning one. Thanks to targeted investment in technology, the production process has improved, speeding up production and making the product more qualitative, being able to control it from the arrival of the metal sheet through to final assembly.

Certified and quality materials are carefully selected to guarantee high-performance products.


Our aim is to create innovative products that will improve and facilitate the working life of operators on construction sites, and reliable equipment that will save users time.

The strategic direction of the company and our long-term goal? To be the benchmark for product innovation and customisation, contributing to the advancement of society and technology on construction sites around the world.


CM has a large spare parts warehouse for all equipment, guaranteeing fast preparation and shipment of the components.