Maintenance of the landscape and agricultural areas

Gardening, forestry, agriculture, green maintenance

  • Versatile equipment according to the operating machine
  • Increased safety in green maintenance operations
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Equipment with fast maintenance to be carried out directly on the job site

Several product lines can be applied in agriculture and forestry such as CM’s Multiskid RC can be used with a forestry mulcher as well as for the removal of trees, stumps and roots even in dangerous situations for the operator, who controls everything from a safe distance. In addition, the wheel saw can also be used on natural terrain to create small predefined-section trenches for irrigation nets or excavations for laying fences. Screening-disaggregating buckets can screen natural soils, creating material with an ideal cross-section for creating substrates for various types of turf or for growing fruit and vegetables in greenhouses and screening buckets for sorting soil for gardens. The sorting grapples for handling tree trunks and the sweeping buckets for roadside green area maintenance.