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    Industrial remote systems have demonstrated the ability to make various difficult or hazardous construction sites safer and increase productivity. These innovative remotely controlled systems can be applied in a variety of fields such as construction, engineering, logistics, infrastructure, and forestry just to name a few.

    CM has designed and built the new fully radio-controlled skid steer loader, Multiskid RC to meet these new work requirements.

    With the full remote-control system, operators can drive the machine remotely, offering several advantages to the operators. Increased safety on the job site, thanks to direct visibility, the operator sees where the machine is working, operating in complete safety from a distance, away from noise and vibration as well. The use of Multiskid also allows for less use of resources on the job site as one operator can do those jobs such as micro trenching or road milling whereas with a normal skid steer loader a second operator would be required in front of the operating machine to give signals to the operator in the cab to do the work.

    It also increases health safety for the operator thanks to the use of the Multiskid RC in dangerous and high-risk environments, think of cleaning biogas tanks, where the operator would have to put his health at risk by immersing himself in materials that are harmful to him, but thanks to the Multiskid RC, the cleaning of tanks is carried out safely.

    The low centre of gravity, wide track width and the choice of trapezoidal undercarriage ensure stability on steeply sloping/sloping surfaces and unpaved terrain, naturally dangerous environments that are difficult to reach with conventional construction machinery. In addition, the trapezoidal undercarriage system provides strong traction and superior speed, enabling work in a wide range of applications and ground conditions.

    The tracks are made of steel-reinforced rubber, consisting of forged steel inserts that provide greater support across the entire track width as well as greater durability and resistance to scratches and wear; continuous steel cables hold the inserts in place, providing tensile strength by locking the tension in the six tracks. The tread design also helps to reduce the machine’s ground pressure by increasing traction and stability.

    Agile, compact yet powerful thanks to its 102 HP engine, compliant with Stage 5, F3.8 Stage v/Tier 4 Final emission standards.

    Equipped with a standard universal skid steer loader attachment, any equipment can be attached. Examples include, but are not limited to, cold road trenchers, micro trenching wheel, trenchers, mixer buckets, sweeper buckets, forestry trenchers, brush cutters, stump cutters, buckets (general purpose, high capacity, cleaning, service, light material, multipurpose, industrial, service mordanting), blades (angular, dozers), forks, rotary cultivators

    The boom has been designed so that it can be raised up to 3 months allowing unloading at high heights.

    The radio control reaches a distance of up to 300 metres and is equipped with an emergency button, machine on/off, LED lights and horn. The transmitter is ergonomic, compact and its robust fibreglass nylon housing is IP65 sealed. From the remote control, the operator can check the fuel level, engine temperature, whether the equipment is hooked up or if there are any anomalies in real time. The device also emits an acoustic signal in the event of any faults.

    Maximum manoeuvrability thanks to the easy-to-use radio remote control. A few simple buttons with three different speed modes, easy to handle and intuitive.

    The hydraulic system consists of three pumps, one for the attached equipment, one for moving the tracks and the third for secondary services.

    The Multiskid RC is equipped with a cyclonic pre-filter with a visible transparent bowl, which, thanks to the centrifugal fins, performs an initial separation of the dust, making it possible to considerably reduce the replacement of filter elements.

    It is also equipped with four certified lifting points that allow the machine to be raised in order to position it in certain areas, four standard LED headlights that provide a greater visibility range as well as being undamaged by moisture and resistant to vibration, an acoustic warning device when travelling in the direction of travel and in reverse, and ballasts to counterbalance heavy equipment.

    Not least, Multiskid RC meets the criteria to qualify for the 4.0 tax credit.

    Multiskid RC a must-have on every construction site.