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    Sorting Grapple: Versatility and Precision in One Equipment.

    In construction, demolition, forestry, and landscaping, sorting grapple is becoming an increasingly indispensable tool. These versatile attachments, designed to withstand extreme conditions, are built for excavators from 1 to 35 tonnes, playing a crucial role in various sectors, and becoming an irreplaceable resource for optimizing daily operations. Thanks to their ability to grasp, lift, and separate materials with extreme precision, these grapples stand out as uncontested protagonists in construction, demolition, forestry work, and landscaping.

    In response to growing demand and to offer our customers even more options, we have added two new models to our grapple range, the G120 and G 160. (see all available models).

    Areas of application

    They have proven to be ideal tools for the demolition of small buildings or the removal of specific parts of larger structures. Their precision and ability to select and grasp materials with determination make these grapples particularly useful in urban environments where collateral damage must be limited.

    The ability to grasp and separate materials of different types is one of the main advantages of these grapples. They are used to separate concrete from steel to wood in demolished structures or to sort and separate waste at recycling sites. This not only increases the efficiency of the processing but also contributes to the reduction of waste going to landfill.

    Versatile, with great gripping force, the CM sorting grapples collect any type of material.

    In the construction sector, sorting grapples are versatile tools for lifting and moving construction materials such as beams, concrete blocks, and pipes. In the forestry sector, they can be used to handle logs and timber. Their precision and control capabilities allow these operations to be performed safely and efficiently.

    Green maintenance companies, such as parks and public gardens, can benefit from the use of grapples to lift and remove fallen trees or shrubs. This allows them to quickly restore the area and ensure the safety of visitors.

    The CM sorting grapples are suitable for the collection, maintenance and cleaning of green areas.

    360° rotation

    They are equipped as standard with 360° hydraulic rotation, which ensures maximum operating efficiency and reduced machine utilization. The continuous rotation capability allows the grapples to reach any angle and position, greatly improving the accuracy and maneuverability of the equipment. This operational flexibility is particularly useful in confined spaces or during operations requiring precise control or in the separation of materials, where it is essential to avoid cross-contamination between different types of materials.


    Absolute Control

    Continuous rotation is not just a technical feature; it is absolute control. Sorting grapples allow you to grasp and handle materials with unrivaled precision, ensuring that every sorting and separation operation is carried out without mistakes.

    Maximum Productivity

    Operational efficiency is the key to success on-site. Continuously rotating grapples allow you to get the most out of every minute of work. They reduce downtime and increase productivity, leading to faster results and lower operating costs.