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    Railway sleepers form the section of track to which the rails are anchored, distributing the weight of passing trains. They are used in railway networks where trains and trams pass through and contribute to the safety and reliability of the railway system.

    Their durability is influenced by several factors, including rail traffic, the cargo transported, and weather conditions. Heavy traffic can accelerate wear, especially in the braking and acceleration areas, while heavy loads, such as freight trains or high-speed trains, exert higher pressures, contributing to the deterioration of sleepers. Finally, weather conditions such as rain, snow, and extreme temperature variations present additional challenges, contributing to wear and corrosion.

    Despite careful maintenance, there is always a maximum lifetime for railway sleepers.

    Therefore, a scheduled replacement is inevitable. In the interests of efficiency, sustainability and streamlining of the process of dismantling old sleepers, the crusher bucket is an indispensable ally

    Compared to traditional methods that require the removal and transport of old sleepers, the crusher bucket operates directly on the railway line, eliminating any need to remove and transport bulky material. This process not only reduces logistics and transport costs but also minimizes the environmental impact associated with material movement. Less waste, less transport – a choice that embraces sustainability.

    Moreover, the resulting materials can be reused in different contexts, contributing to responsible resource management and a transition to more sustainable practices in the railway industry.