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    Cold Planer FSE for the maintenance of Italian motorways

    The maintenance of Italian roads and motorways is essential to ensure the safe movement of all the thousands and thousands of people who travel every day for work or other reasons. As well as the maintenance of all the bridges and viaducts, these (mega) structures built to overcome natural or artificial obstacles that allow the continuity of roads, motorways and railways. These structures are inevitably subject to ageing and weathering, and if the necessary maintenance work is not carried out beforehand, there is a risk of collapse. All too often, the Italian news has brought us terrible news where poor maintenance of these structures has led to their collapse.
    A major help comes from our FSE series cold planers, which can be attached to excavator booms and are ideal for vertical milling at great heights. The robust FSE 60.23, attached to a Komatsu PC 210, helped in this important and necessary maintenance work, removing the 2 cm old layer of cover from the pylons of the A14 motorway viaduct and then proceeding with the new covering.
    The fully hydraulic FSE 60.23, with a milling width of 600 mm and a depth of 200 mm, guarantees excellent performance in all conditions, creating a clean, outlined line. The hydraulic depth adjustment allows the depth to be set directly from the operator’s workstation, without the operator having to move. The teeth come as standard stronger and able to withstand tough, demanding work.
    Thanks to their versatility, the FSE Series excavator cold planers can work on any floor, be it horizontal, vertical or oblique. The range includes 5 models with working widths from 200 to 600 mm applicable to excavators from 1 to 25 tons.
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