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    Multiskid RC was used in the Aviano construction site, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, to excavate for the laying of fiber optic cables.

    With the CM T 600 wheel saw, with a 600 mm digging depth and 120 mm digging width, the Multiskid RC allows the operator to work alongside or in front of the operating machine so that he can immediately see where the wheel saw is digging. The T 600 in question, with hydraulic adjustment and side shift as standard, achieves a clean dig at a constant depth; the depth indicator allows the operator to precisely control the working depth, while the side discharge leaves the excavation clean of debris.

    After excavation, a CM CBS 200 HD series sweeping bucket was connected, a reinforced version on the parts subject to greater wear and tear, with a working width of 2000 mm, for cleaning and collecting the excavated material and with a side brush for cleaning the profiles and a water kit with a 100-liter tank for reducing dust during cleaning.


    On the same construction site, a Multiskid RC is used with a CM FS 100.20 self-leveling road planer mounted on it, with a milling width of 1,000 mm and hydraulic depth and side shift adjustment, to mill away the damaged asphalt pavement adjacent to manholes. A classic job with the skid-steer loader would require at least two operators, one inside the cab to direct the machine and one operator on the ground to give directions to his colleague.

    With the Multiskid RC, a single operator is able to operate and stop the moving equipment when there is an obstacle. Furthermore, being outside the cabin, the operator is not subject to the vibrations that would otherwise occur inside the operating machine.

    Following the milling operation, the mixing bucket comes into action on the construction site to restore the asphalt. In this case, a CM MIX 350 mixing bucket was used.


    The radio control reaches a distance of up to 300 meters and is equipped with an emergency button, a machine startup and shutdown, LED lights, and a horn. The transmitter is ergonomic and compact and its robust fiberglass nylon housing is IP65 sealed. From the remote control, the operator can check the fuel level, engine temperature, whether the equipment is hooked up, or if there are any anomalies in real-time. The device also emits an acoustic signal in the event of any faults.

    Maximum maneuverability thanks to the easy-to-use radio remote control. A few simple buttons with three different speed modes, easy to handle and intuitive.


    The low centre of gravity, wide track width, and the choice of trapezoidal undercarriage ensure stability on steeply sloping/sloping surfaces and unpaved terrain, naturally hazardous environments that are difficult to reach with conventional construction machinery. In addition, the trapezoidal undercarriage system provides strong traction and superior speed, enabling work in a wide range of applications and ground conditions.

    The tracks are made of steel-reinforced rubber, consisting of forged steel inserts that provide greater support across the entire track width as well as greater durability and resistance to scratches and wear; continuous steel cables hold the inserts in place, providing tensile strength by locking the tension in the six tracks.

    The tread design also helps to reduce the machine’s ground pressure by increasing traction and stability.