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    The range of sweeping buckets CM

    CM srl, a company based in the province of Vicenza, leader in the manufacture of equipment for earth moving machinery including sweeping buckets, built in 4 different models, which meet and satisfy any working requirement.

    The classic sweeping bucket – CBS series – mainly suitable for loaders, telehandlers, tractors and backhoe loaders. With a solid collection bucket, polypropylene brushes, easy to change when worn. It is mainly used to clean roads and squares.

    «I’m satisfied with the purchase: the collection bucket is built in a solid way and you can see that it does not fear collisions. I bought it to clean the square and our poultry depot» says Mr. Stragliotto who mounted a CBS 200 on his Manitou MLT 625, with a working width of 2 m; and continues «the brushes are reinforced and thanks to the side brush I can also collect the most external material that I could not remove with the simple brush».


    Then there is the CSI series, the industrial sweeping bucket. Conceived in a different way, namely with the collection bucket on the front and the brush on the back. It has three support wheels so it is mainly suitable for jobs where you do not want to ruin the surface, it is also equipped with rubber to avoid scratching and damaging them while sweeping. It can be applied to tractors, but also to forklifts, loaders and backhoe loaders.

    «We see that the bucket is solid, the material used for the structure is of high quality» here is how the CSI is described by a satisfied customer after the purchase of the 125 model, with a working width of 1.25 m, mounted on a forklift, which is used in a sawmill in Sarcedo (VI).

    The CSA series is a simple sweeper without the collection bucket. Ideal for snow cleaning. The sweeper works with the hydraulic circuit of the operating machine.

    «I live in the mountains and the snow starts to fall already in November if we are lucky. With the angle sweeper bucket I remove the snow and clear the streets to be able to move. Agile and powerful» continues Mr. Cursi which bought the CSA 150 with a working width of 1.50 m and with the optional hydraulic angle.


    The strength of CM is the new CBS MK series, not only a sweeping bucket, but also a 4×1 bucket and grab sweeper. This innovative and versatile sweeper has the ability to have three equipment in one model. The 4×1 bucket allows the discharge even at high heights; with the inserted brushes, you can clean areas and surfaces like a normal sweeper. With the gripper kit you can collect large pieces (which would be impossible with the brush only).


    «A real innovation. With just one piece of equipment, I can do more jobs «testimony of a customer following the purchase of the CBS MK 200 with a working width of 2 m applied to a BOBCAT T300.

    With working widths from 1 m to 3 m, all the sweepers can be customized with options such as the side brush (in polypropylene, mixed steel or steel), the water kit with the 100 lt tank, necessary to remove  the fine dust or the internal brush in mixed steel but not only this. Many customers prefer to have the equipment of the same colour of the operating machine and CM never disappoints its customers.

    The materials we use are always of top quality, robust and reliable, resistant to wear and weather, with competitive prices compared to other companies. Many firms rely on CM’s professionalism and are not disappointed. The spare parts department is always stocked and orders are processed within 24 hours for both Italy and foreign countries.