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    Recycling has never been as important as it is nowadays, and CM SRL knows it well, which is the reason why it has designed and conceived the new CBF and CBF-L Series Crusher Bucket, which becomes essential in construction and demolition recycling sites, reducing the volume of inert material directly on site, with the advantage of saving on the cost of transportation and waste removal and greatly reducing the time frame. This bucket works synergistically with CM’s CBR series screening bucket, which has also been renovated with the basket lengthened by 80 % in-depth and increased in diameter, as a result, the surface area of the basket is greatly increased and thus the screening area. Together they create a perfect combination to save time and money while increasing, at the same time, productivity.

    CBF-L Series

    The new CBF-L Series is applicable to skid steer loaders, mini excavators, and backhoe loaders from 3 to 12 tons, while the CBF Series, to excavators and wheel loaders from 10 to 45 tons, have been completely redesigned structurally, mechanically, and productively to meet the high standards of the market.

    CBF Series

    The innovative CBFs have a lower structure, resulting in greater penetration force in the loading phase and better weight balance. In addition, the mouth is wider and with a larger opening, this allows the crushing of blocks with larger dimensions with the same excavator/crusher size than before. The eccentric unit has been revised, with increased and oversized bearings, as well as the transmission and flywheels have been increased in diameter and weight to have more inertia while working. CM bucket crushers ensure high performance and high productivity by becoming true mobile crushers, versatile and solid tools capable of adapting to all types of construction sites small or large.

    CBR Series

    In the new CBR screening buckets, the basket consists of interchangeable bolted grids, which as a result means ease of use and faster basket replacement. Basket grids are produced from 10 to 150 mm to meet all requirements.

    None of the models requires a drainage line, so the CBRs can be mounted safely without problems even on operating machines where a drainage line is not provided, and in addition, all models are bi-rotary with speed adjustment in both directions.

    The synergy of the CBF and CBR

    Thanks to the CBF crusher bucket and CBR screening bucket, a single operator is able to manage the construction site independently and safely, as he is able to sort and clean the material, which will then be crushed on site, turning the construction site into a true recycling center without the necessity of other equipment or disposing of the waste elsewhere. The crushed material can be reused immediately as road foundation or for new housing as needed, thus speeding up the process, eliminating operating costs, and resulting in a virtually zero-cost construction site.

    Recycling and reusing materials that were previously considered waste has never been easier and faster.