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The rotating screening bucket CBR series, ideal for the selection of natural or waste materials from demolition, from excavation filling or for selecting pebbles on water courses, for sand screening, and again for the separation of organic waste , recovery of aggregates, maintenance of public and private green areas, reclamation of stony land. Equipped with a rotary basket in both directions, easily interchangeable and with a choice of mesh (min 10×10 – max 150×150), it is produced in 7 models for excavators from 1 to 40 tons, also applicable to skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders and wheel loaders. The engine and the hydraulics are internal so as to avoid breakage in the event of involuntary impacts, it does not require a drainage line and the frame has a truncated cone shape to increase the screening surface.

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Excavation teeth

Pre-arrangement for skid steer loader, wheel-loader, telescopic or farming tractor

Scraper for basket

Basket cleaning brush


Technical data:

Application Mouth size (mm)) Oil flow (l/min) Weight (Kg)
CBR 06 600 20/30 125
CBR 07 750 20/30 270
CBR 09 900 25/40 485
CBR 12 1200 40/60 1100
CBR 15 1500 40/60 1560
CBR 18 1800 60/100 2000
CBR 20 2000 60/100 2600