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The CBS Multi Kit is a 3-in-1 sweeper.

The CBS Multi Kit is a new multifunctional sweeper bucket because it puts together a three in one attachment. CBS Multi Kit is composed by a grab sweeper projected with the purpose of cleaning everywhere it is necessary to collect debris in order to get an easier discharge at high heights and a better hold of big pieces which should be impossible to pick up with the brush only. Thanks to two front upper hooks, the brushes can be set apart, keeping the Grab Bucket only. Moreover, when it is necessary, two arms can be installed in order to transform the CBS Multi Kit in a bucket with grippers to collect trash, dry branches and twigs. Thanks to the chain transmission system, the motor, positioned high, is protected both from dust and dirt, and from possible impacts while using the sweeper.

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Side cleaning brush ø 600 mm with indipendent hydraulic motor available in PPL, mixed steel, steel

Watering kit by pressure with 12 V pump, sprayers and 100 lt. tank

Watering kit by pressure for operating machines with own tank

Mixed steel internal brush

Side brush nozzle

Connector 8-14 Poles 12 V

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Technical data:

Application Working width (mm) Oil flow (l/min) Weight (Kg)
CBS MK 150 1500 60/75 420
CBS MK 175 1750 60/75 480
CBS MK 200 2000 60/75 540