Born for delicate flooring


The industrial sweeper bucket CSI series is equipped with a front bucket collector and a roller of increased  polypropylene brushes . Equipped with three revolving support wheels, it is particularly suitable for internal surfaces, squares of warehouses and more generally for works where there are fine powders. Applicable to all operating machines but especially to: forklifts, telescopics and tractors. It is produced in 9 models, with working widths from 1 to 3 m. It is equipped with the hydraulic bucket opening, pipes for supplying the hydraulic circuit and brush-bucket self-alignment. Thanks to the chain transmission system, the motor, positioned high, is protected both from dust and dirt, and from possible impacts while using the sweeper.

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Side cleaning brush ø 600 mm with indipendent hydraulic motor available in PPL, mixed steel, steel

Watering kit by pressure with 12 V pump and sprayers, 100 lt tank

Watering kit by pressure for operating machines with own tank

Mixed steel internal brush

Side brush nozzle

Connector 8-14 Poles 12 V

Pre-arrangement for backhoe, wheel loader, telescopic handler, tractor, forklift


Technical data:

Application Working width (mm) Oil flow (l/min) Weight (Kg)
CSI 105 1050 20/30 350
CSI 125 1250 20/30 380
CSI 150 1500 20/30 400
CSI 175 1750 20/30 470
CSI 200 2000 20/30 530
CSI 225 2250 20/30 560
CSI 250 2500 40/50 620
CSI 275 2750 40/50 880
CSI 300 3000 40/50 1000