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Cold planer FS series, with the purpose of dismantling asphalt of road surface, of concrete in the street squares and scraping the rock or just create a crossing or a track where surface is paved. It is produced in 8 models from 25 to 100 cm width. It can be easily and fast mounted on Skid steer loaders, backhoes, hydrostatic wheel loaders and excavators, with low maintenance costs limited to the replacement of worn tools. The high pressure piston engines, in direct contact with milling drum, grant an high performance and a low overheating of the hydraulic oil by independent left and right depth adjustment.

Information request:


Hydraulic depth adjustment
Hydraulic drum inclination
Tools for concrete
Milling drum with different widths and sizes
Watering kit with tank and 12/24 Volt pump
Customized upper bracket for operating machine


Technical data:

Application Milling width (mm) Oil flow (l/min) Weight (Kg)
FS 25.15 250 30/60 400
FS 35.15 350 40/60 485
FS 40.15 400 40/80 570
FS 45.20 450 70/140 760
FS 50.20 500 80/140 800
FS 60.23 650 100/160 890
FS 75.23 750 100/180 1000
FS 100.20 1000 100/200 1120