Multifunctional skid loader with remote control, designed with universal skid steer loader attachment to hold any equipment.
High-performance with 102 HP engine, thanks to the trapezoidal undercarriage and low centre of gravity, it is able to work even on steeply and unpaved surfaces.
High safety thanks to the radio control from which the fuel level, and oil temperature, among other things, can be checked in real-time.
Wide range of applicable equipment :
– Self-levelling cold planer: the solution for removing the asphalt or concrete layer for preparing a subsequent excavation or simply scarifying the damaged surface;
– Wheel saw for cutting, small excavations, predefined excavation sections, mini and micro trenches for laying fibre optic cables;
– sweeping bucket for road cleaning after completed excavation;
– mixing bucket ideal for concrete packing for excavation restoration;
– road mulcher for green area maintenance
– loading bucket for cleaning and maintenance of dangerous areas that are harmful for the operator’s health if carried out by himself.

In each of these applications, just a few among many possible, the operator guides the Multiskid at a safe distance protecting himself from noise, vibration, dust, possible material projections, and exhaust gases, and also protected from places that may be harmful for the operator’s health.
Last but not least, a single operator can proceed with milling and micro trenching works in complete autonomy seeing in real time where Multiskid is working and he is guaranteed maximum safety in case of accidental cutting of undetected underground pipelines e.g. high voltage or methane.

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High SAFETY thanks to radio control, the operator can be protected from noise, and vibrations, and has a 360° view.

High productivity and power at work thanks to the fuel-efficient Cummins 102 HP, Stage 5 engine.

The standard universal skid steer loader coupling allows any equipment to be attached quickly and easily.

Trapezoidal undercarriage. High stability on unpaved and steeply grounds.

Arm lift up to 3 m, for loading/unloading at high heights even on truck or cisterns.

  • Dimensions

    2550 mm x 1800 mm x 2000 mm

  • Weight with no equipment

    3500 kg


    252 lt/min @2500 rpm

  • Engine

    Cummins 102 HP engine, with turbo compressed  intake

  • Emission level

    Stage 5, F3.8 Stage V/Tier 4 Final

  • Pressure

    250 bar



    Of mini and micro trenches for fibre laying.


    Asphalt, concrete; milling close to highly visible manholes where otherwise the visual would be impossible from the cabin.


    forestry mulching work.


    Concrete, cement, asphalt packing for renovation of previously excavated area.


    Road cleaning after excavation, general road cleaning.


    Cleaning of areas where the direct presence of the operator would endanger his health such as biogas tanks.

  • CARE

    Maintenance and cleaning of waterways.


    Crushing and screening

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Wheel Saws

Cold planer self-leveling

Mixing bucket

Sweeping bucket

Crusher bucket

Screening bucket

Shafts screener

Bucket with gripper