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    CBF crusher bucket gets a new restyling

    How important is recycling these days? Simply essential.

    The CM design team, sensitive to the issue of recycling, has studied and conceived the new CBF and CBF-L series Crusher Bucket, which becomes essential on construction and demolition recycling sites, reducing the volume of inert material directly on site, with the advantage of saving on transport and disposal costs.

    In this way, the new CBF-L Series was born (in action), gentle yet powerful, suitable for skid steer loaders, mini excavators, and backhoe loaders. The CBF Series (in action), on the other hand, which can be applied to excavators and wheel loaders from 10 to 45 tons, has been completely redesigned at a structural, mechanical, and production level.

    Compact and powerful are the two adjectives that describe CM’s new bucket crushers.

    The innovative CBF has a lower structure, resulting in greater force in the loading phase and better weight balance. In addition, the mouth is wider and has a larger opening, which allows the crushing of larger blocks with the same excavator/crusher size than before. The eccentric unit has been revised, with all bearings increased in size and oversized, and the transmission and flywheels have been increased in ø and weight to have greater inertia during the work phase.

    The opening of the jaws is now adjustable from 15 to 135 mm and an option is the nebulizer kit, to reduce dust during crushing on site, and the magnet with control panel kit to split the reinforcing iron after crushing, as well as the digging teeth, which ensure better entry during loading where necessary.

    Thanks to the CBF-L and CBF crusher buckets, a single operator is in a condition to open and close the construction site independently, as he can install and adjust the jaws to obtain the desired result, separate any iron where there is crushed material inside, and carry out the necessary periodic maintenance quickly and easily thanks to the centralized greasing system.

    CM bucket crushers ensure high performance and high productivity, becoming true mobile crushers, versatile and solid tools capable of adapting to all types of construction sites, large or small.

    Able to withstand time and particularly difficult conditions as well as the particular characteristics of abrasive materials, high hardness, and, last but not least, low operating weight. At the hydraulic level, a new integrated block has been inserted which guarantees the protection of the motor in all cases and drastically reduces the flow and pressure demand with a consequent reduction in consumption of the operating machine.