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    Cold planer and sweeping bucket: two allies that optimise operational efficiency

    In the public works sector, efficiency and sustainability are key priorities, and two equipment are essential for road resurfacing and urban infrastructure maintenance: cold planers for skid steer loaders (and excavators) and sweeping buckets. Equipment that becomes essential for road construction companies and companies for environmental services and public green maintenance.

    Road surface maintenance is a fundamental part of road infrastructure management and plays a crucial role in the safety, efficiency and durability of roads. This process involves a series of preventive and corrective operations to ensure that roads remain in optimal condition for vehicular traffic. Preventive activities such as sealing cracks, repairing holes, replacing damaged sections, milling asphalt to remove deteriorated layers, and cleaning roads are carried out in order to prevent the deterioration of the road surface, prolong its life and increase road safety.

    An essential piece of equipment for any company engaged in prevention and maintenance is the cold planer designed specifically for skid steer loaders. Available in a range of 8 models, with milling widths from 250 mm to 1000 mm, it is a highly customisable, cost-effective, and efficient solution.

    The characteristics of skid steer loader cold planer

    One of the distinctive features of these cold planers is their ability to work in confined spaces and even heavy traffic conditions. Thanks to their compact size and manoeuvrability as skid steer loaders, they guarantee precise and consistent milling even in difficult conditions.

    It is equipped as standard with a side-shift feature that allows the operator to position the cutter precisely on the road surface, ensuring uniform and accurate milling. This is useful if only a specific part of the surface layer needs to be removed or detailed work needs to be carried out.

    Depth adjustment (hydraulic as an option) increases the precision of pavement rehabilitation work and enables adaptation to changing road conditions or the presence of obstacles. The drum inclination (hydraulic as an option) ensures precise levelling of the milled surface, which is crucial to avoid depressions or protuberances in road and pavement surfaces.

    In addition to road surface maintenance, cold planers are used for the removal of signs, correction of unevenness, creation of tracks, and predefined section excavations.

    After the cold planer has done its job of removing the damaged or unwanted surface layer, an equally important challenge arises: cleaning the milled material.

    The road, after the milling process, can be littered with debris, asphalt, or concrete fragments and dust. This debris can impede traffic, create slippery conditions, and potentially damage vehicles. In addition, the presence of milled material negatively affects the surrounding environment if not properly managed.

    In this context, sweeper buckets play a crucial role.

    The characteristics of the sweeping buckets

    Designed to tackle any type of surface and material, they are equipped with rotating brushes that collect material inside the large bucket.

    Sweeping buckets are available in a wide range of models, each designed according to the surface to be treated and the operating machine to which it will be attached.

    There are those suitable for street and yard cleaning and those that have to treat delicate surfaces such as those inside warehouses, as well as sweeping buckets ideal for skid steer loaders rather than tractors or municipal vehicles.

    Customisation is also possible thanks to the choice of numerous optional extras. Among the most important are the watering kit with tank and sprayers for dust suppression during cleaning, as well as the side cleaning brush made of steel, mixed steel or simply polypropylene, ideal for cleaning adjacent to profiles, especially close to pavements or roadsides.

    Sweeper buckets not only for road construction company

    Sweeping buckets are essential equipment for a wide range of sectors that require cleaning and maintenance of outdoor areas. This versatility makes them indispensable in many other sectors: in urban and public green areas, in quarries and industrial environments, and in the agricultural and livestock sectors.

    Cold planers and sweeping buckets emerge as irreplaceable allies for optimising operational efficiency in a wide range of sectors, from resurfacing to urban infrastructure maintenance, from agriculture to quarries, from industrial environments to livestock farms. Their versatility and ability to adapt to such diverse needs make them indispensable tools for ensuring cleanliness, safety and sustainability in multiple contexts.