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    This compact and remote-controlled skid steer loader is designed to tackle the most demanding forestry tasks with ease.

    Able to work even on slopes up to 45°, it is the solution for companies dealing with the cleaning of small green areas up to the cleaning of forests and woods. Radio-controlled from a distance, the operator carries out maintenance operations in public green areas and forests safely, far from the noise and vibrations of a normal operating machine cab. In addition, 360° visibility is guaranteed.

    It is ideal for tackling rough terrain and demanding forestry work, thanks to its high technology, agility, and ability to withstand significant exertion.

    Powered by a 75 HP engine, the Multiskid RC is designed to deliver high-performance results even on the most challenging terrains. Its trapezoidal undercarriage and low center of gravity allow confident operation on steep slopes and steep terrain. This feature is designed for companies and professionals who need to work in forested environments where traditional means are less effective and less safe for the operator.

    With the forestry mulcher, trees and shrubs are effortlessly cleared, paving the way for new projects. Whether you are preparing a construction site or maintaining forest areas, the Multiskid RC is the operating machine that is up to the task.

    The Multiskid RC offers outstanding safety features, including remote control operation. This allows operators to maintain a safe distance while controlling the machine in real-time. The remote control provides essential information such as fuel levels and oil temperature, ensuring optimal performance and operator safety.

    A single operator is able to manage forestry activities independently. With Multiskid you can supervise operations in real time, minimising the risk of accidental damage to underground utilities such as high voltage cables or gas pipelines.

    Multiskid RC not only increases efficiency and productivity, but it also prioritises operator well-being. By eliminating direct exposure to noise, vibrations, dust, and potential hazards, operators can work in a safer and healthier environment.

    Use the full potential of forestry operations with Multiskid RC, with the forestry equipment that suits you best. From tree felling and stump grinding to clearing and ground maintenance, this powerful combination offers the perfect solution for the most demanding forestry tasks.

    Multiskid RC embodies the power of precision, safety, and efficiency all in one extraordinary machine.

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