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    CM is proud to present the new line of CM vibrating plates, PV series, completely redesigned, both aesthetically and above all in terms of performance.

    The company’s technical department is always studying new solutions to guarantee a product that is always more avantgarde, easy to use, complete in its performance, reliable and robust. And after the new CBR line (read the article, watch the video), the vibrating plates have been rethought, especially the three largest models in the range. The PV 60.100, 75.120 and 90.120, applicable to excavators from 11 to 30 tonnes, have been redesigned with a double eccentric. The result? Incomparable impact force. Thanks to the greater power exerted on the ground, soil compaction after excavation is more aggressive, which leads to a better result.

    See it at work on the construction site (watch the video).

    Among the options there is always the hydraulic rotation which allows compaction in any position, even reaching difficult points, the gripper kit and the kit to centre poles. A very important function of this vibrating plate is that it can act as a pile driver with poles with a maximum diameter of 300 mm.

    Also applicable to mini excavators starting from 1 ton, this equipment is indispensable for all construction and non-construction companies that carry out excavations. Labour-intensive manual compaction techniques cannot compete with such equipment. Ideal solution also for areas where the portable compaction units cannot work or where there are areas too steep for the rollers, being able to compact soils with any slope. PV is unrivalled.

    Thanks to its compact structure, it is easy to transport from one site to another, and can be easily used in narrow, hard-to-reach places. The hinged top is made of high-strength wear-resistant material, in order to last over time.

    CM Vibrating plate compactors PV, a certified and guaranteed solution to have a hard, homogeneous and well-compacted soil that will not give way over time.

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